About us

About us

Parsingroup at a glance


Messagan Paraman Company serves as a dynamic and developing set of information technology services and digital media design. Programming and Web Design By observing the latest standards, commercialization and implementation of the largest dynamic websites with commercial, news or public topics, using experienced professionals of this science, the Messenger of Parsin in one of the most successful web design teams and soft production Comprehensive devices have put.


Achieving the first place in the design and implementation of media software and active participation in the global market in order to create a desirable brand for the exhaust of Iran.


  • Sustainability in providing and upgrading the quality of service
  • Optimal use of resources and facilities
  • Coherent leadership and stability in purposes
  • Profit and maximum market share in the field of data transfer
  • Innovation in providing services to subscribers
  • Maintain and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level


Participation of Parsin, along with relying on efficient and committed forces, always puts the following operations.

  • Respect for them and the value human
  • Value for customers
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Discipline
  • Professional commitment
  • creativity and innovation
  • Continuous training and learning
  • Group work
  • Healthy and friendly environment