• One
  • Two
    Web Design
    Flexible in mobile, tablet and computer
    Run on all modern browsers
    Optimized for search engines
    Implementation with PHP, ASP.NET or JSP
    Analysis and security
    Quality and support guarantee
  • Three
    Develop applications
    The same implementation on different operating systems using ++ C and Java, C #
    Somerically, ln, us as X
    Implementation of management, industrial and accounting software and ...
    ... ,ERP, CRM, Accounting
    Beautiful and easy user interface
  • Four
    Mobile Programming
    Design and manufacture of mobile and tablet software
    ... ,C++, java, C#, Objective-C
Trust us

We are professional and experienced

15 years specialized history in software design

Passin Group Company serves more than 15 years of experience in IT and computer engineering, especially the production of software, and in line with the growth of technology, the development of professional activities of this area.


Our features

We are confident in the quality of your products

Security required quality

Quality in Parsin Group thinking has always been as the main factor in loyalty to society. Use of experienced programmers, compliance with security standards, synchronize with day knowledge, accomplish my influence and security tests and experience in Creating our highly high-risk websites will help us achieve this purpose.

Providing specialized solutions

Messaging years of many years combined the history and specialties in the IT domain to provide special strategies in achieving their goals. Consultation and implementation of certification supplies ISO 27001, specialized network services, virtualization institutions Educational and new VoIP services are part of these strategies.

In accordance with global standards

Today, software is also involved in any other industry with the standard issue. Since the diversity of performance in the field of software is very high, the continuation of the life of this industry can not be necessary for the existence of global coherent standards such as IEEE and W3C and ISO. Compatibility and accompanying these standards are our boast.

Independent of operating system and browser

The extent of the range of Internet browsers and desktop and mobile operating systems has led to the creation of independent concepts from the browser and independent of the operating system (crossplatform). Parsin Group using the latest techniques, products Software has been fully coordinated with these concepts.

Variation in programming languages

Parsin Group is proud to use specialist forces and continuous training, the ability to provide software products based on diverse programming languages. Net, PHP. And JSP on Web, Java, C ++, Objective-C for mobile and C #, C ++, Java and ... in the desktop are part of our capabilities.

Persian Messenger Design

Parsin Group After years of experience in providing the first Persian-language Messenger (El Fur II), Puffer's messenger as a powerful software, file, audio and image and hierarchical management of chat rooms, message archives, It is also possible to run on various operating systems.


Introducing our services and solutions

Our customers and partners

Customer Need and Define the issue

At this stage, the exact examination of customer goals is made and the complex and vague requirements are identified by our professionals.


The processes of this stage are as the basic basis for the system architecture for managing, controlling, guidance and supervision in the design and soft manufacture of soft & zwnj.

Design and implementation

After eliminating the bugs caused by implementation errors, the product status with initial need assessment is evaluated and ready for delivery.